The Good

For the jaded gems

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

We despair over the bad,
Yet we question the good.
We let the bad in with unfettered entrance,
And keep you at arm’s length.
We wish for you, and even when recognition blooms,
We question you when you come.
We doubt your existence;
We say you cannot be true.
We put you in a box, and we examine you.
You see, you are unexpected and underserved.
So we interrogate you, we put you through the wringer,
And we wait with our bated breaths.
We watch with surety for you to reveal your true form,
And when you stay good, we scheme and we plan.
We look for ways to trick you.
We don’t yet know that there is no guile.
You are virtuous;
You speak with candor.
Give me time to heal.
Let me adjust to the light,
So I can recognize when there is no wile.
Yes, you are virtuous; you speak with candor.
It has been a while, but I will remember.